Back in 1992, Jochem Bosselaar and I made a series of three short improvised movies called De Blauwe Man (The Blue Man). We have never been really sure what we wanted to accomplish with these movies, which was more or less the point. Still, for some reason it always felt special and we kept showing these videos to our increasingly exasperated friends.

We revisited this project in 2012 and again in 2023, scene by scene recreating one of the original movies. A new edit combines all three versions in one short film. 

32 years in the making, it has become a poignant exploration of growing older and the idiosyncrasies inherent in the life of an artist.

Blauwe man: Jochem Bosselaar
Camera and editing: Alfred Marseille
Music: Elegy in D Major, Giovanni Bottesini, Duo Bassanova